The Basic Nutrients and Nutrition

There are certain basic nutrients which are necessary for the body to achieve maximum growth and energy production. It is important to know which foods to eat and in what quantity in order to ensure that you get the necessary supply of each of these nutrients. Beyond this, you also have to be concerned with the relative balance of each of the nutrients – how much of one you need in relation to how much of the others.

No matter what kind of metabolism or body type you possess, the biochemistry of the body requires specific combinations if you want to maximize the processes of building muscle, burning fat and creating energy.

Beyond Basic Nutrition

I will later include in this section special reports on the supplementation of nutrients, herbs and teas.

As research is completed and as articles are submitted I will update this site. Future projects include information on Chinese herbal medicines and tonics, Tibetan Medicine and Ayurvedic Healers and Medicines.




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